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Are you interested in some new great music? Something that you probably haven't heard of. A beautiful sound. If you were to ask me to suggest a great CD this would definitely be one at the top of my list.

There is a constant “changing of the guard” on what I love listening to most. I love many different types of sounds.

There is one CD that I listened to and wanted to introduce to everyone with their own copy. I immediately bought 3 copies. One for each of our kids. A few weeks later I passed this recommendation on to my brothers and about a half-dozen friends who all received their own copies. 

Never in my life have I bought so many of the same CDs. I love this CD so much that I wanted everyone to have their own copy instead of me just burning the CDs as I have done in the past.

You probably never heard of this artist, but I suggest you check out Saravanan (Sav) Sankaran's CD "Back to Bassics"

His vocals kill me, they are so good. I am reminded of when I was a kid and my dad explained to me that Frank Sinatra’s magic was in his voice. No, Sav sounds nothing like Frank, but he has that same “magic” in his voice that my dad once explained to me.

Sav plays the bass and, according to what I read, plays many instruments. This CD showcases an incredible band consisting of legendary mandolinist Adam Steffey (The Boxcars), Ron Stewart plays fiddle and banjo, Ricky Cooper is on guitar, and Darren Nicholson (Balsam Range) and Robert Greer (Town Mountain) assist on vocals.

There are 11 awesome tracks with each one better than the previous. His two original songs are my favorites. "Alleghenies" pays tribute to Sav's rural Pennsylvania roots, while "Miner's Lament" is a great ballad told from the perspective of a broken down coal digger whose heart has turned "as cold as the hard anthracite" he mines.

I anxiously await a follow-up CD from this great artist. Do yourself a favor and check this out!

After listening to this CD a couple of times, please send in your thoughts.

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