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Andrew Wasserman is a 16 year old Singer and Bass Player from Fairfield, CT.

He is a lead singer in The Fairfield School of Rock House Band, and performs representing the music school at many local venues and music festivals around the tri-state area. He was also selected as a 2015 School of Rock Allstar and had the opportunity to go on tour and perform at Chicago House of Blues and Lollapalooza.

Andrew is the lead singer for "Clueless" a band originally put together with his buddies to support a fundraising benefit for Autism Speaks. Clueless has gone on to be the opening act for national cover band Lez Zeppelin two years in a row as well as performing at several other local venues and events. A recent project he started called Mr. Boy, is composed of 4 other members and is currently working on their first original album. They play a smooth, funky, and intense sound that captivates the audience.

He has a gritty, soulful style and loves to perform a variety of artists including Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson,Vulfpeck, and Queen, just to name a few.

He is exciting to watch on stage as he lets the music take him!


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CONTACT INFORMATION:                           


Andrew, Ellie(keys) and Becca(drums) met Roosevelt at the Roots Rock Revival Music Masters Workshop last summer.

The bassist is from Snarky Puppy.. a band the three kids are obsessed with! They were freaking out!



This is from their first show with their new band, Mr. Boy.

They are doing a variety of tunes, new, old and originals!

Here is "Baby Boy" by Childish Gambino.

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