Salyersville, Kentucky


So you have returned from DELFEST 2017. Everyone asks you how it was. Where can you possibly begin?

The Weather Gods were certainly on our side. Yes there was some rain but the forecast fortunately turned out for us. All the fans are great but we all knew that. The staff and the volunteers need to be commended. The food, the vendors, the scenery, the activities were all perfect. 

But it was the music. Yes the music indeed. 

Even your favorite acts that you may have seen dozens of times were spot on. They played a bit better than what you normally experience. Well that is to be expected because at Delfest there are big audiences. There are numerous venues. This is a place you might want to be cloned for.  So many artists have joined other artists for a song or two or three. Every stage seemed to have a monumental moment each time you walk by.

Delfest has a lineup of bands and artists you are familiar with but also many that you might have heard their name but really are unsure of. Those are my favorites. The ones I come home talking to my friends about. The bands that I am just falling in love with. It has happened with every band I listen to today. At one point I did not know them. Delfest is a haven for learning about new music.

Why is the music so great at Delfest? Well, we can discuss the sound and the lighting and all the great equipment and the huge staff involved in so many different respects. They all deserve our gratitude. This is a gargantuan task that they pull off year after year. I think it needs to be mentioned that Delfest is constantly improving. I have gone for all 10 years and every year I notice small and large improvements.

That brings me to the point I wanted to make most about the great music of Delfest. There has been a certain improvement that I feel the need to compliment big time. That is-The Artists at Large. Sierra Hull, Bryan Sutton and Billy Strings. If Delfest was a gourmet meal these 3 artists are the spice added for perfection. They visited numerous stages performing with so many artists. If you have friends that are asking for a recommendation of great musicians....start here. 

Of course The Traveling McCoury's were playing on every stage constantly. We have come to expect that. These guys have given up on sleep during the festival. Not only do they have the time to constantly perform but they are the nicest human beings stopping to share stories with the fans and take pictures. Everyone I spoke to that ran into "The Boys" are always so excited that they were so nice to them. 

Of course there is Del. Perhaps everyone's favorite. Funny, talented, hard working and you know he just has to be the nicest guy around. There is certainly a trickle-down effect on the rest of his band. I was fortunate enough to meet and become friendly with Del's wife Jean. We worked together on a project and I feel the need to point out that she is absolutely great! Make no mistake about it. It is through Jean and Del's and "The Boys" kindness, dedication and hard work that makes Delfest what it is. As well as everyone on the Delfest Team!!