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The good news is that they moved it from 10 PM to 7 PM on Saturdays. It is a step in the right direction. But my goal is to get "DERAILED", one of the two best shows in my opinion, on Bluegrass Junction- its own full-time station!!

Before my explanation I want to mention the other "best show"-in my opinion on Bluegrass Junction. That is, Handpicked with Del McCoury. Probably the most educational Bluegrass show ever. Del gives his slant on stories from the past. He introduces music that is necessary listening and gives a behind the scenes view of the Bluegrass music world as only he can. His interviewing partners name escapes me and I just looked at a dozen articles on the Internet and still can't find his name which is a shame because he really knows how to get the best out of Del.

Back to "Derailed", hosted by Ned Luberecki.

Saturday nights Ned hosts “Derailed” the Newgrass/Progressive Bluegrass show on Bluegrass Junction. This is when you’ll hear artists like New Grass Revival, John Hartford, Sam Bush, John Cowan, The Deadly Gentlemen, Crooked Still, The Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek, Milk Drive, The Greencards, Steep Canyon Rangers, The Infamous Stringdusters, David Grisman, Missy Raines and the New Hip and the more modern sounds of Bluegrass and acoustic music. Bluegrass music from the cutting edge. Bluegrass music that I wish the world recognized as such. Past guests on the show include: Sam Bush, John Cowan, Cadillac Sky, Chris Pandolfi, Missy Raines, Bill Evans and Megan Lynch. You never know who might show up!

When I speak to people about Bluegrass I often think to myself that they are not aware of the vast spectrum of this great genre. Evolution can be thanked for new music being played a little differently.

Personally, this is my favorite kind of music. That's a subjective thing. But let's look at this another way. Who do the festivals call to headline when they want to sell tickets? Who is on the stage when you can't get close to the stage.

Derailed is my kind of Bluegrass. My educated guess is that if "Derailed" had it's own station on Sirius XM they would have more fans than "Bluegrass Junction" within a year's time. And they should put Ned Luberecki at the helm. After all, he is Derailed.

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