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To say the Kruger Brothers are a great band does not come close to explaining how great the Kruger Brothers are. They are a great band. But they are so much more.

Talent? Oh yeah.They got that. Eve (Uve’) can sing a song that would put a wild animal at ease. His voice is oh so soothing. He shows you his chops and takes incredible leads that Doc Watson clearly would be (and was) proud of. Not to mention that he has mastered the guitar as an accompanying instrument. like nobody else.

Then there is Jens (Yens). Are you ready for some banjo? You think you are but not the way he plays. From Classical to Pop to Bluegrass to anything…. If you were to pay him ‘by the note’ he would rival Bill Gates as one of the richest people in the world. But remember, “Speed ain’t nothing without class” and Jens is ALL CLASS. Tasty. Oh yeah. … They need to make more awards just so they can give it to him.

And then there is Joel. It’s been said that if you need something….Contact Joel. Joel has that Bass down pat. As comfortable as he can be with all the different genre’s being played. Holding the backbone down to perfection. Setting the stage so Jens and Eve can do their thing perfectly. And as a team they seem invincible.

My favorite moment was when Joel was holding down the backbone with clarity, power and improvisation and both Eve and Jens were ripping apart a solo together-note for note-faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.

Is that all? Hell no. Far from it.

When we go out for the evening we want to be entertained. Musically, no doubt we are being entertained at the highest level. But there is more. We want to laugh. Not with old recirculated jokes. They give us a great perspective and they make us laugh often, They explain the songs, their childhood, their friends and family and they keep us comfortable and make it easy for us to laugh and have a great time listening to great music.

Catch up with The Kruger Brothers and catch as many shows as you can. You will be happy you did.

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