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“The joy of the music comes to me and overtakes me sometimes––I just become part of the music.”

Sam Bush is music. Through and through. Most of us have been listening to Sam play bluegrass for years. We know he is the Father of Newgrass and many of us have heard what he can do when he plays in different styles like when he played with Strength in Numbers or on Drive with Bela Fleck or maybe Short Trip Home with Edgar Meyer, Joshua Bell and Mike Marshall. Did you know he played a tribute to Fats Domino? Or that he put out Soulgrass (bluegrass & Jazz Fusion). The list goes on and on. Just type in Sam Bush on YouTube and plan on being entertained for hours on end. He has played with everyone. He is entertaining, funny and extremely talented.

But Storyman is different. It's a genre-bending album that features the sounds of jazz, folk, blues, reggae, country swing, and bluegrass. Sam is older now too. Have you seen the Documentary on him?

You know Sam always gives it his all and puts on a great show. When Sam is at a festival or a show you know there is going to be some great music, laughter and just a great time with some serious picking. A true legend in his time.

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